Last Friday my dad was branding some of his remaining cattle.   Although a few of the photos here look a little bloody, it doesn’t hurt the cows any–it’s about like us getting our nails trimmed.

Spring Flowers

My Grandmothers have always spent much time working on their flower beds and gardens. Spring is always such a beautiful time of year, and as such I thought I’d pay a little tribute to my grandmother.

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Finishing up the Spring Farming

Farming seasons are always such a busy time of year for us. I understand that most of you have never been on a tractor nor had the opportunity to smell the freshly turned dirt. Because it is such a huge part of our life here, I enjoy sharing part of it with you.

Spring Runoff up Jackknife

This year the weather decided to warm up very quickly, and in doing so the snow in the upper parts of the mountains started to melt of much more quickly.  The result was some nice muddy runoff–and a lot of it!

Evening Light as Spring Approaches

The last few days it has rained and rained. This evening, however, the sun came out and lit everything up in a most beautiful colorful light. Even though it was muddy, I wasn’t going to let it stop me from going out and taking some photos!  These photos were all taken behind Weber Canyon, mostly looking towards Tincup, and in Freedom.  Also today is my Grandpas birthday–so Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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