Swan Valley Waterfall

Fall Creek Falls in Swan Valley, Idaho.

These are some photos I took and a video that I compiled while shooting at Fall Creek Falls in Swan Valley, Idaho.  Swan Valley is next to Star Valley, which borders it on the North Side of our valley.  It’s a very pretty waterfall that few people know about.  It is very easy to get to, and is well worth your time to drive over and take a look.  I’ll provide a google map showing the location of the waterfall.




Sorry about the site downtime today.  Apparently my ISP, Silver Star Communications, had an issue where they bumped off all of their DSL customers until they rebooted their modems.  Since I was at work I was not able to do this until I got home.  Hopefully it won’t happen again anytime soon!

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1929 John Deere Model D

Earlier last fall I learned that someone in the valley has a very nice 1929 John Deere model D.  The D was the first tractor that John Deere produced under the “John Deere” name (the Waterloo Boy was officially the first, which John Deere purchased to jump start their tractor line).  Here is a picture of myself and a friend driving it in action.  It was a fun tractor to drive, though compared to my Model A it was akin to driving a tank…



Wintertime Feeding Cattle

Even though we sold the dairy a few years ago, we still have a few beef cattle.  It’s kind of fun feeding them when dad isn’t doing it.  Here’s a few random photos of our cattle feeding experiences.


Model A First Drive

I spent a little more time on the A, and decided to take her for a test drive.  She did okay, but still needs some work.  I don’t know if it is the timings or carb but the RPMs just wouldn’t go up, making it have no power.  Eventually I’ll get there…


John Deere 4020

We have a fairly rare John Deere 4020 on our farm.  I suppose it’s rare because it gets the most hits out of all of my videos on Youtube!  Okay, after doing some research online and reading some books, it really is.  It has four wheel drive (FWA, or Front Wheel Assist to be exact), which I guess makes it pretty rare.  It’s a nice tractor with the eight speed power-shift.  Since so many people seem to like it, I thought I’d highlight it with this post.  Enjoy.


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