October Through December 2012 Photo Journal

I finally got around to finishing the photo journal 2012.  As you may notice, there are many photos of me feeding cattle.  That’s because with the days as short as they were, my schedule basically consisted of going to work, coming home and feeding the cows, then getting home just in time for it to get dark.

Snowmobile Ride Up Stump Peek

A few weeks ago my sister and her husband came up for the weekend, and we were able to go on a quick snowmobile ride up Stump Peek.  We had a lot of nice deep powder–the Polaris Dragon definitely had an advantage over the older 800 RMK.


Shuffling around the Classic JDs

I had to get something out from the back of the barn, and that meant pulling out all of the classic tractors…  Since I had them all out on a cold wintery day, I thought that would be a good opportunity to get a quick little video of them running.  What you can see is a 1939 John Deere A, 1947 John Deere A, 1949 John Deere B, 1963 John Deere 2010, and 1972 John Deere 4020.


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