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  • Star Valley Sunrise 2014

    A few weeks ago, my sister and I went out to do some photography for one of her photo assignments. She’s currently attending BYU-Idaho, and has a minor in photography. It was fun getting out taking some nice sunrise photos.

  • Rexburg Temple

    Tonight I came to rexburg to see my sister and pick up Ksenia. I couldn’t help but go up and see the Rexburg Idaho Temple!

  • Graduation & Big Jud’s

    Last Thursday and Friday was graduation.  It is hard to believe it actually happened!  It’s been a lot of fun and hard work.  I have a lot of mixed emotions, as I’m sure most graduates do.  I will miss friends and associations, but look forward to getting on with the rest of my life.  I…

  • Another Semester Gone…

    Next week is the end of Winter Semester 2009 here at BYU-Idaho. It also happens to be my last semester as a student here. That’s right–I’m graduating. I’ll be a graduated student with a degree in Computer Information Technology. It’s been a good semester, as well as a good experience. In the beginning all thoughts…

  • Photo Journal Nov 17

    Today was Monday.  And as is the case every Monday for the typical BYU-I student, Monday means FHE (family home evening).  This shot is of our FHE group meeting at our place.

  • Photo Journal Nov 16

    Today we had Stake Conference in the Hart auditorium.  This photo was taken with my iPhone while waiting for it to start.

  • Photo journal Nov 14

    Nothing describes BYU Idaho more then this–a student pondering and studying the scriptures on campus on a Friday afternoon.

  • Photo journal Nov 13

    I currently attend BYU Idaho and am majoring in Computer Information Technology.  My major is located in the Smith building, so I happen to spend a lot of time there.  This is a little snapshot I took of the entry.  Social life in the Smith.

  • First day of classes

    Today was my first day of classes. I came in to Rexburg yesterday (Sunday) and attended my first classes today. My schedule this semester is going to be a killer. Today I had three of the hardest classes I’ve had back to back. I brought my bike down, but I don’t really know where to…