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  • 2012 Thayne Snow Days Photos

    Here are my photos from the 2012 Thayne Wyoming Snow Days.  If you’d like to check out the video that I compiled at the event, please do so by going here.  Snow Days is a fun filled day of various snowmobile family-oriented activities.  If you desire to contact me you can do so by sending…

  • 2012 Thayne Snow Days Video Summary

    Here’s a video that summarizes the events from the 2012 Thayne Snow Days, held on February 4th, 2012 at Thayne Wyoming.  If you’re looking for photos, keep checking this site as I will post them within the next few days.  

  • Swan Valley Waterfall

    Fall Creek Falls in Swan Valley, Idaho. These are some photos I took and a video that I compiled while shooting at Fall Creek Falls in Swan Valley, Idaho.  Swan Valley is next to Star Valley, which borders it on the North Side of our valley.  It’s a very pretty waterfall that few people know…

  • Random Summer Clips

    With it being so cold this year, I thought I’d compile a small video of clips from various summer activities. It shows a small summary of life in the rural Star Valley Wyoming.  

  • Photo Gallery

    I’ve uploaded some of my photos to a photo gallery at American Frame.  If you like some of the photos from Kyle Weber Photography, feel fee to check it out! http://www.americanframe.com/Artist/ArtistBoard.aspx?artistid=7f167290-9e9d-4de4-8140-db77fda1699c

  • I’m alive. Pics to prove it.

    I was really hoping to update this more often, but I tend to get busy and forget, then before I know a month is gone… But to prove that I have been alive I could either bore you with a lot of text, or I could post some photos of what I’ve seen over the…

  • Crazy Weather the Past Few Days

    Although some may hate rain and bad weather, I know of two groups of people that love it.  Farmers (if they have their hay in, as we do), and photographers.  Although I am not much of a photographer, I have tried to make the most of it.  here are just a few shots I was…

  • Summer Life Photos

    Summer is in full swing, and I thought I’d post just a few things (through photos) that have happened the past week.  We had a nice lightning storm, but unfortunately by the time I got ready I was only able to catch the tale end of it.  Yesterday did pulled a calf, and unfortunately the…

  • Evening Photos

    I spent some time two nights ago and took some more shots for all you who were wanting some more valley shots.  Farming started the day after, so I decided to take the opportunity while I had it.  Click the “read the rest of this entry” link to see the gallery.

  • Sun Setting on the East Hills

    This photo was taken just a  few days ago.  It was too beautiful not to take advantage of the beautiful evening, so I took a few shots.  The past few days have been raining & the snow just left up a little highter (but not really high yet), so it will all be very green…