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  • 2012 Thayne Snow Days Photos

    Here are my photos from the 2012 Thayne Wyoming Snow Days.  If you’d like to check out the video that I compiled at the event, please do so by going here.  Snow Days is a fun filled day of various snowmobile family-oriented activities.  If you desire to contact me you can do so by sending…

  • 2012 Thayne Snow Days Video Summary

    Here’s a video that summarizes the events from the 2012 Thayne Snow Days, held on February 4th, 2012 at Thayne Wyoming.  If you’re looking for photos, keep checking this site as I will post them within the next few days.  

  • Snowmobile Dumpoff

    Today we had the 2012 Thayne Snow Days in Thayne, Wyoming.  It’s a Star Valley community event where people come and do such things as drag races and children sled races.  Here’s a clip of a video I took that shown someone getting dumped off the back of their sled (snowmobile).