Tag: Time Lapse

  • 1949 John Deere BW Muffler Replacement Video Preview

    John Deere BW Muffler Replacement Preview–incomplete. This is a section of a video I’m putting together of a muffler replacement on a 1949 John Deere Model B. It’s the first time I’ve had this hood off, so I ran into a few snags. I’ll have to finish it another day. When I do, I’ll make […]

  • Time Lapse Drive to and from Work

    Here’s a little time lapse video I made on my way to work one morning. ¬†It starts off in Freedom and ends at Afton, going through Thayne and Grover.     And here is a video of my drive home from work.  

  • Time Lapse Video

    On Saturday, 8th of November, I used my computer to make a time lapse movie of the front of my apartment. ¬†Unfortunately the weather was pretty boring–rolling clouds and moving shadows would have been cool, but it still turned out all right. Sun Up Till Sun Down Time Lapse from Kyle Weber on Vimeo.