Thanksgiving Break

Sun Setting on the Beatufiul East HillsThanksgiving break was a lot of fun this year.  Since I am going back to school tomorrow I thought I’d take a few moments and reflect on it.  I came home Thursday night on the 15th.  On the way home I got a speeding ticket–I guess it happens…  The following morning I had a dentist appointment at seven, and got to the high school around 8:30 to find out I was teaching a class!  That day was teacher inservice, so they did not haves school for the kids.  I taught a class on setting up wordpress websites which I thought went very well, despite the fact I was unable to use half of my mouth.  For Monday – Wednesday I worked at the school district, and even though it was work it was still good to see everyone again and be productive.  For Thanksgiving on Thursday we ate with my moms family in Etna.  The food was good and we had a good time.  The rest of the week was nice and relaxing with me able to get some time in on my bike (even though I wrecked on Friday).  So, back to the books…  With only three weeks left in the semester it won’t be long at all till it is once again another semester down.

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