Riding with a friend… Snowmobile Major Breakdown…

Michael Bonham StuckOver the weekend, my friend Michael Bonham and I went home to ride snowmobiles for the weekend. On Saturday, March 1st, we were on a ride headed for Stump Peak. The day started out very beautiful, and though it was Michaels first time on a real ride he was doing very well at handling the sled. We were stopped playing on the second to last big climb before the peak while waiting for Matt Nelson to show up. I ran up the hill one last time, only to have my 800 make a loud bang and start ratcheting. Since cranks going out on a Polaris 800 is not that uncommon, I guessed that is what happened (which was correct). Needless to say when Matt arrived, he forgot to bring a rope, so he went home on the rental sled to get one. It started to snow so we took cover under a tree and drove around on Matt’s sled finding a different way around the mountain. To make a long story short, we eventually towed it home. It didn’t make for the greatest ride Mike could have been on, but we still had a lot of fun and got to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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