Drive to the beef cattle on a 39 John Deere A

I took a nice little stroll to the beef cows that are currently on the dry farm on the 1939 John Deere Model A.  I’ve been working on the tractor most of the winter, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to warm the motor up a bit and let it stretch its legs.  It was so pretty that I decided to film it.  Since I’m just holding my camera, it’s a little bumpy.  The video shows the beautiful west hills in Freedom, Wyoming (which is actually in Idaho) on the Robert Weber farm.



3 responses to “Drive to the beef cattle on a 39 John Deere A”

  1. What beautiful country ! I could feel the cold setting in my fingers and toes, stiff face etc. What memories that brought back!! THANK YOU

  2. An other part of, AMERICA the GREATEST COUNTRY in the WORLD . I thank you for showing the beauty of one little part of our, BIG COUNTRY. THANKS AGAIN

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