JD 4230 with 945 MoCo Swathing Alfalfa Video + Timelapse

This is a video of me swathing (windrowing) a small alfalfa field next to my parent’s place.  I love seeing old footage and videos on our farm–which not much exists of.  So, I try to record this type of stuff because maybe some day someone will find it as interesting as I do.

The video is of a John Deere 4230 pulling a John Deere MoCo 945 pull-type rotary windrower.

To create the video, I used two cameras, my cell phone (located on the top of the barn, doing the time-lapse), and a GoPro mounted onto the tractor and swather.  I used three mounts on the swather–one on the back of the cab, one on the front-right of the swather, and one on the back of the swather.  I didn’t point the camera down far enough when it was on the back to get anything that was really useful, so I didn’t use much of that video.  I tried to show time-lapse and footage that show roughly the same thing.  It’s not the greatest video in the world, but I thought it was pretty impressive for a first attempt.


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