John Deere Model A Hill Climb and Descend

I took the A over my grandparents dry farm to get some photos. It’s a pretty steep climb for it–it went up in 4th but down in 2nd. The A has a nice sound under a load though.

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  1. Hi Kyle,I’m Gavin,and I’m 16. I just read your story on the restoration of your John Deere A. I’m not into reading,but that was an amazing story,it kept me engaged. Everything your talking about reminds me of the restoration I did with my great uncle on my grandfather’s 1937 John Deere model A. Also reminds me even more of the current restoration on my 1944 John Deere model H. These machines are just so amazing!

    • Why thank you! I appreciate the compliment. There is something magical about bringing these old machines back to life. From the people that used them before to the experience of the restoration. I’m glad you enjoyed it & good luck with your own projects!

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