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  • Trip to Orlando FETC Conference 2014

    For the last week of January, 2014, I have been at the FETC conference in Orlando, Florida.  The end of January is a good time to go to Florida, especially when you compare it to Wyoming’s weather!  This is an educational conference that covers a wide variety of technology aspects within education.  So far, the […]

  • New Years ride on the John Deere A and 630

    Taking the tractors out for a nice winter stroll is a lot of fun–especially when you are able to take more than one out at a time!  Here’s a video I shot of the John Deere Model A and Model 630.  I was riding the A (same tractor that I restored), so the video mostly […]

  • John Deere 630

    I’ve always enjoyed the look of the 20/30 series two-cylinder John Deere tractors.  Once upon a time (before I was born), we had a 630 on our farm.  I believe they had a loader on it, and used it to load hay with, but I’m not quite certain.  Because of this, the 630 has always […]

  • Accidental Field Fire

    A spark from a welding torch started a recently cut grain (barley) field on fire. It was a little breezy and picked up very quickly. The field is next to our barn, which contains the hay stored for the beef cattle for the winter, and our tractors. Needless to say, it was an instant adrenaline […]

  • The Story of the A

    I had intentions on writing up a photo-book story of the restoration process of the John Deere Model A.  I’m having a hard time finishing it, so I thought in the meantime, I’d just throw it up here.  If there are any major spelling/grammar mistakes or things you’d like added, please use the comments field […]

  • Ryker on the 1935 B

    This is a favorite photo of mine. It’s my nephew on a 1935 John Deere B. You’d assume he is unhappy because his mother left him or something… But in reality, he was unhappy because he wanted to be on the 1938 John Deere B with rubber tires that was next to the steel-wheeled tractor […]

  • Beautiful Star Valley Sunrise

    This morning was a beautiful and cold March morning.  Although not uncommon for March, having 5 degree weather for late March doesn’t always happen.  I was privileged though to be able to enjoy this beautiful morning (being as it is a Saturday and I was not at work), and take a few photos to enjoy this Star […]

  • We Used to Get More Snow

    Winter is starting to wind down with a few signs of spring starting to pop up.  In other words, the road in front of my house that is usually covered with snow for about three months of the year is now bare.  We still have quite a ways to go though before it is all […]

  • Christmas Video

    Here’s a little video that goes along with my last post.

  • Christmas Season

    Christmas was good to me this year.  All of the family was up, and everyone seemed to have had a good time. Growing up my cousin and I both had toy pedal tractors.  We had a lot of fun on them, and tried to take them everywhere.  My little nephew (slightly under two) is currently […]